Jujube puree, jujube pulp, jujube beverage processing line

General Introduction of the whole line: Flowchart:General Manufacturing Process Description: No.Section A. Pre-treatment A1Raw materials receivingselect bright and red dates, not  rotten and not mixed  with other sundries.A2CleaningClean the dust, mud, microbiological and other impurities on su

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General Introduction of the whole line:
Processing Line for Date Paste, Date Syrup and Date Beverage

General Manufacturing Process Description:

No.Section A. Pre-treatment 
A1Raw materials receivingselect bright and red dates, not  rotten and not mixed  with other sundries.
A2CleaningClean the dust, mud, microbiological and other impurities on surface of the red dates with drinking-standrad water to ensure the hygienic requirements of the process.
A3sortingremove the impurities,  rotten fruit pick to ensure product hygiene.
A4Pre-cookingscrew pump feed the washed and picked red dates into the pre-cooker, directly heated by steam, the temperature of date will go from room temperature to 80-85 ºC, so that the red dates can be soaked thoroughly and facilate the next process
 Section B. Extracting and Seperating 
B1crushingthe soaked dates go into the crushing chamber through the screw pump, The crushing blade will break the dates into medium size  (below 2 mm ) particles,which is conducive to extracte  jujube skin pigment and  ooze flesh cell fluid and ensure the juicing rate.
B2Stoning and pulpingthrough the high-speed rotation of the beating blade,   the material will be thrown to the screen under the centrifugal force.The material will be further cracked into the pulp in the beating blade under relative movement of the screen due to the centrifugal force and rubbing effect. The pulp will go into the collector through the screen and then transported by the screw pump to the next process. All the residue will be unloded through the hopper.
B3Enzyme-deactivationuse pectinase, protease, cellulase to deactivate the colloid decomposition  formed by pectin,protein , starch and other substances ,  conducive to  the stability of filtration of the products.
B4Centrifugal juicingAccording to the principle of material solid phase and liquid phase contrast, the solid and liquid are separated by high-speed rotation of the centrifugal chamber, and the slag is discharged by the long diameter spiral of the centrifuge to obtain clarification Of the juice, which is a particularly suitable for the berries of the juice equipment, with a large output, the juice filter and a high degree of automation, easy to operate characteristics, fruit juice clarity is crawler airbag juice machine is far from comparable.
B5Heating and coolingthrough the casing heat exchanger with hot water as a heating medium, the juice heated to 90-92 ºC, and then cooled to 45-50 ºC, by heating the juice of the microorganisms, enzymes passivation, protein , Starch and other substances fully aging, is conducive to the concentration of active ingredients concentrated jujube.
B6Ultrafiltrationthrough the porous membrane ultrafiltration membrane filtration, interception to remove impurities in the liquid impurities and bacteria, polymer membrane ultrafiltration membrane in the film which is a new and advanced membrane equipment, with a pore size Uniform distribution, high strength, flux, durable features, filtered fruit juice clear and transparent, bright color, better quality than other filtering technology.
 Section C: Concentration and Sterilization
C1Vacuum concentrationthree-effect film concentrated evaporator vacuum vacuum evaporation, remove the liquid material in the water, so that the effective ingredients of the material to more than 5 times the concentration of juice (70 ± 1 ° Brix), in order to facilitate packaging, storage and transportation With the save.
C2Sterilizationthrough the casing heat exchanger to hot water as a heating medium, the juice heated to 96-98 ºC, for 30s and then cooled to 18-20 ºC, by heating the juice to kill a variety of microorganisms, To ensure that the product quality to meet the standards of health requirements, the process is the quality of the process control points.
 Section D: Packaging

The sterilized material should be packaged in sterile environment and packaged into aseptic bags.And then put the aseptic bag into drums for easy store, transport and ensure quality.

D2InspectionAccording to the industry standard, in the process of packaging and after , random sample test should be conducted to ensure product sensory, soluble solids, total acid, light transmittance, color value, microbial indicators can meet the requirements before they can enter the warehouse.
D3Finished productsall the indicators of finished productcan meet the requirements and then be stored into the low-temperature.

The final products can be date beverage ,date paste, date syrup, date puree, dried date etc.And the line can be shared with silimar fruits, such as hawthorn.For a detailed propsal, please contact us.


Kind reminder to dear customer:
please kindly understand that the fruit production line is a highly customized product. Our company is capable to design a processing line with capacity 10T-1500T per day. The machine configuration also will be varied based on the automation degree and the final products type you want to get.Therefore,If you need a quotation proposal from us, please contact our staff and offer the following data to serve you better:
1.What's the estimated capacity? Namely, How many fresh fruits you plan to process per day? 
2.What will be the final package of your products? in drum, in tinplate or in pouch or in bulk?Will your products face wholesale market or retail market?
3.When and where you want to start this project?
4.Will this project be cost-oriented or quality-diven? 

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Our company is the first company to manufacture complete food&beverage processing line in China and we are keeping leadership position in the fruit processing line for 30 years since 1986 when China introduce technique from Italy/German and start to manufacture.Till now, we have set up 110 fruit processing factory in domestic and oversea market.

We has independent intellectual property rights of several equipment, including: large vacuum evaporation concentrating equipment (1000L-60000L/H), large sterilization equipment (tube and tube in tube type 1T/H-50T/H), large drying equipment (water evaporation quantity 100-10000T/H), aseptic filling equipment, and many advanced pre-treatment equipment  for different fruits. Among them, the concentrated equipment for juice and jam, with its high performance and ultra-low temperature , has gained high reputation in this industry; And large tube-in-tube sterilization equipment have gain major breakthrough in energy saving, saving 30% energy compared with the industry standard, which has owned  the national patent (Patent No.: ZL 201120565107.2); Various types of advanced juicing and beating equipment have been ranking first for continuous 7 years  regarding their quality and sales volume.

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Thoughtful After-sale services:

1). We make accurate factory layout design according to customer's factory size; if the customer needed, we could make workshop design.
2). After receiving firm order and down payment, we start to apply for the Visa to your country immediately; while the machines arrives your factory, our engineers are ready to start for the commissioning service.
3). 1-2 of our engineers will go to your factory to install and adjust the processing line to realize normal production at shortest time.
4). Our engineers have responsibility to teach the workers how to operate, clean, maintain and repair all the machines, until the workers could well operate the processing line.
5). Our engineers can provide basic formula for the production, and help the customer to produce good quality food according customer's detailed formula
6). It normally costs 10-14 days for the commissioning service, and we supply 1 year guarantee from the date of completion of commissioning service.

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Processing Line for Date Paste, Date Syrup and Date Beverage

Processing Line for Date Paste, Date Syrup and Date Beverage

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