The 10 Best Spoon Rests for 2022 | by Food & Wine

2022-11-10 20:53:00 By : Mr. Aaron Li

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Gone are the days of burning your favorite wooden spoon on a large pot of boiling water while cooking your favorite pasta. If you’ve ever felt heat travel from a cast iron pan through a metal spatula onto your hand after resting it against the edge for too long, then you know the pan-lean method is not ideal. That’s why the spoon rest is a small-but-mighty kitchen gadget that prevents messes and stovetop mishaps. Brown Stoneware Dinnerware Sets

The 10 Best Spoon Rests for 2022 | by Food & Wine

For professional chefs and busy home cooks, a simple spoon rest goes a long way in any kitchen. While the design is basic, the spoon rest is ever-practical and almost indestructible—one is all you need, and it can last a lifetime. From silicone to ceramic to stainless steel, there are many options for material and a few that have fun extra features if you’re looking for something with a bit of pizazz. The Farberware Professional Series Stainless Steel Spoon Rest tops our list and offers practicality and simplicity with a very modest price tag.

Pros: The simplicity of this spoon rest makes it easy to clean.

Cons: The length of the handle is not ideally suited for longer spoons.

This Farberware spoon rest is simple, classic, and a must-have in any kitchen. While it is a basic spoon rest, its form and function make it our best overall pick. It’s small enough for tiny countertops, made of durable stainless steel, and the right size to hold wooden spoons, serving spoons, ladles, and more. It’s affordable, and the perfect option for anyone who has been making do without one.

Price at time of publish: $11

Pros: This silicone spoon rest holds four spoons at once.

Cons: The slots may be small for wide-handle spoons.

Silicone is a good choice for avoiding cross-contamination, and this spoon rest has room to hold four individual spoons at once. The BPA-free, heat-resistant silicone can be safely used near a busy stovetop or even placed directly on a glass cooktop. While it is not dishwasher-safe, handwashing is easy as it’s flexible for easy cleanup between the slots. The lip around the edge keeps spills contained, and your countertops extra clean.

 Price at time of publish: $9

Pros: This stylish spoon rest can hold serving spoons during dinner parties, keeping your tablecloth free of mess.

Cons: Because it is ceramic, it is not chip resistant. Handle with care.

We like this ceramic spoon rest because it’s functional beyond the stovetop. It also looks great on your dining table, adorned with trivets and serving spoons for holiday dinners and celebratory occasions. The cream color lends itself well to match with your favorite dinnerware set or fine China, and Mikasa even has a line of other dishes and serving ware that match. The gentle beveling and details around the spoon rest’s edges are an understated but elegant touch.

Price at time of publish: $20

Pros: This stoneware spoon rest has a longer handle for holding spoon handles in place.

Cons: This is a larger spoon rest not suited for small countertops.

This best stoneware pick also doubles as the right choice for those looking for a long-handled spoon rest. The length of the handle helps the spoon stay firmly in place. The bowl of the spoon rest is oversized—making this a good option for various utensils. Finally, something that suits your oversized wooden spoon collection! And the subtle textured design element is quite pretty, making this another attractive option for serving spoons on a beautiful tablescape.

Price at time of publish: $12

Pros: This heavy-duty spoon rest can crack eggs.

Cons: Because this is so heavy, it may not be the best option for

The Marble Spoon Rest from Sur la Table is classy in its handmade natural white marble style. We recommend this marble spoon rest for darker color countertops, as the white gives a nice pop of color. Ever practical in its function, it’s also great for cracking eggs because of its marble construction—say no more to egg white residue all over your countertops. The base itself is a decent size and we like the length of the handle. This pretty spoon rest could easily moonlight as a small serving dish for cheese and crackers or nuts and honey alongside a bottle of wine.

Price at time of publish: $30

Pros: This spoon rest is one piece of solid olivewood, making it nearly unbreakable if cared for properly.

Cons: It is not dishwasher-safe and must be oiled occasionally to maintain the wood.

For wood purists, we recommend this beautiful Olivewood Spoon Rest from Williams Sonoma. The intricate two-tone grain and the soft, smooth edges make this a real eye-catching piece. It sports a simple design and a large base for the bowl of the spoon. While this one takes a bit more care—it needs to be oiled occasionally to keep the wood seasoned—and cannot be placed in a dishwasher, it’s still a very functional piece and looks attractive on countertops.

Price at time of publish: $15

Pros: We like the oversize rest space, accommodating spoons of all sizes.

Cons: This is a pricey spoon rest but is a lovely addition to any kitchen.

This spoon rest is the way to go when countertop space is super premium, and your kitchen craves practical tools. The simple design and rest space that’s large enough for a variety of spoons make this a winner in every minimalist’s kitchen—it’s one little spoon rest to suit all needs. The product is handcrafted in Hungary and shows off a cream color with a gently curved lip. It’s elegant and makes for a smart gift for the cook in your life.

Price at time of publish: $48

Pros: The oversized and square-shaped base makes this ideal for spatulas.

Cons: This larger spoon rest will take up a bit of counter space.

This spatula spoon rest from Amco takes our most versatile spot because of its size. It’s crafted wide enough to hold a spatula and doubles well for larger-size spoons—some even recommend purchasing a set of two and using one as a sponge holder (a pretty brilliant kitchen hack if you ask us!). Because of its width, you can easily place a couple of spoons in this rest simultaneously and with ease. The stainless steel offers durability and easy cleanup.

Price at time of publish: $20

Pros: This spoon rest comes with a lid holder.

Cons: The edges are a bit sharp; use caution if washing by hand.

Michael East, Chef and CEO of Griddle King, recommended the OXO Spoon Rest with Lid Holder. He said, “This is hands down the best spoon rest on the market because it also has a lid holder. The fact that it’s made from stainless steel makes it extremely durable and easy to clean. The base is also large enough so that you can rest multiple items of cutlery at a time, not just a spoon.” The distinguishing feature of this spoon rest is the lid holder. It’s perfect for boiling water or prepping for a cozy dinner of homemade soup, holding large-size lids easily. It’s a versatile tool that home cooks will use constantly.

Price at time of publish: $23

Pros: Double spoon space helps eliminate cross-contamination.

Cons: This is not ideally suited for small countertops.

A double spoon rest makes it easy when you’re cooking a big meal and have lots of cookware on the stovetop at once. Isabella Flint, Professional Chef, Founder, and CEO of Fanatically Food, said, “In my home, I am constantly using different spoons for different pots and pans.” She recommends the Tablecraft Double Spoon Rest to help avoid cross-contamination. “In using this, I can keep the food that I am cooking separate and avoid any risk of contamination, it is perfect if you plan on cooking for vegans or vegetarians and still want to cook some meat on the side,” she said.

Price at time of publish: $14

Any good chef needs a solid spoon rest, and while there are plenty of practical, affordable options, our best overall pick is the Farberware Professional Stainless Steel Spoon Rest. While the spoon rest is often overlooked as a necessary kitchen gadget, introducing one into your kitchen will prove just how small-but-mighty these practical items are.

 The color and style of your kitchen may dictate which tools you gravitate to. If dishwashing is necessary, simple stainless steel is best but ceramic, stoneware, and marble are all durable enough to withstand a dishwasher as well. We do recommend using a silicone spoon rest for glass cooktops to avoid scratching.

Most spoons rests hold one spoon, but some will handle anywhere from two to four spoons. Some oversized “single” spoon rests can easily hold two spoons. Think about the complexity of your cooking at home and consider whether or not you typically use more than one utensil at a time when standing over the stovetop.

A handful of spoon rests possess fun features like a lid holder, double the spoon space, or are nice enough to keep on the table for dinner parties. If more than just a classic spoon rest is on your radar, read through the list thoroughly and check out options with extra versatility like the Simple Craft Heat Resistant Silicone Spoon Rest, Mikasa French Countryside Spoon Rest, and OXO Spoon Rest with Lid Holder.

Isabella Flint notes that setting a spoon rest on a glass cooktop is safe as long as you are cautious about it. “Know what material you are working with,” she said, “Silicone spoon rests will be fine on any surface and won’t move around too much, but ceramic spoon rests could scratch a glass cooktop if you aren’t careful.” Make sure the placement of your spoon rest on a glass cooktop, no matter the material, is far enough away from the burners—we suggest the back middle of the cooktop.

Except for those made of wood, all the spoon rests on this list are dishwasher-safe. For the solid olivewood spoon rest, putting it through the dishwasher or submerging the wood in water deteriorates the material over time. Placing ceramic, stainless steel, stoneware, and marble in the dishwasher is safe. Warm water and soap with a dish sponge are best for quicker cleanup.

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The 10 Best Spoon Rests for 2022 | by Food & Wine

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